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Our Classes

Natasha's Arts Theatre is a fun, friendly and family environment where students are encouraged to strive for their best. Students will develop confidence, co-ordination and fitness while learning to respect themselves, their class mates and their teachers.


Jazz is a fun and upbeat style involving lots of jumps, kicks and turns. There are many sister styles of jazz(Broadway/commercial/classical/afro) but it is most typically performed to pop music. This is a great style for the dancer who can never sit still, its high energy matched with show stopping moves is sure to make Jazz a family favorite! 


Founded in the late 70’s and early 80’s hip hop is one of the newest styles emerging in the dance world. Performed to urban music, Hip Hop includes a mixture of low laid back movements with strong and hard-hitting steps. There are many branches of the Hip Hop style (vogue/krump/tutting) and more new moves are created everyday. This is a wonderful style for the funky dancer with a natural groove.


This style is all about expressive movement. The style encompasses and embraces all levels, shapes and movement patterns. Students will learn to explore dance and the wonderful ways in which the body can artistically express a narrative, theme or idea to an audience. Contemporary is a wonderful style for the dancer who dances not to impress; but to express.


Ballet is a wonderful class that builds the foundations of most dance styles. Founded in the courts of Italy and France in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The benefits of ballet are endless; it helps build students technique, musicality, deportment, muscle development and safe dance practice. Usually performed to classical music this genre may look graceful but it requires a great deal of strength and discipline. As a foundation; Ballet is a must. 

Tap is the perfect class for those who love making music with their feet. Performed with specialist shoes students will learn to control and create rhythm through the art of dance. Tap is a wonderful style to develop student’s awareness of tempo, rhythm, unison and coordination. It is also the perfect class for those who love to make lots of noise! 


Acro (short for acrobatics) is a class that teaches students all those exciting tricks that can put the cherry on top of any dance routine. The class derives from gymnastic technique and teaches a set of exciting tumbling and balance skills. If you have ever wanted to cartwheel, handstand or backflip this is the class for you!  


Lyrical combines the techniques of Jazz and Classical Ballet. Lyrical is a slower, melodic and more expressive form of Jazz often to ballad music. Lyrical dancing is often performed to music with lyrics to inspire movements to express strong emotions.  Dancers gain fluidity of movement, grace and control.


Musical theatre is an exciting genre that combines a variety of dance and movement styles with acting and singing. A musical theatre routine can range from a simple piece to a flamboyant production.

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